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EMU 1103
The main function

● Unique positive protection management design
● Sampling, charging and discharging with the same port design. Compatible with 15, 16 strings. Supports 8-16 strings
● High-precision battery cell voltage sampling (error margin ≤5mV/cell)
● High-precision current detection (<±1A@100A range)
● Unique SOC and SOH algorithm
● Integrated 10A current limit, active and passive modes are optional
● Ultra-low sleep power consumption (<10uA)
● Communication: RS485/RS232/CAN/RM485 (support 15 parallels)
● Support 0-100A charge and discharge
● Inverter: 5 in 1 CAN communication protocol

Expand function

● Heating function (power 200W)
● Transfer board (communication, reset, LED, lead)
● Visualization of function switch options
● 2.7 inch LCD display module

Current 0-100A
Number of strings
Expansion accessories

Home Storage

The five layers of reliable protection from design, testing, materials, production technology and processing flow in household energy storage make every battery safe, reliable and durable.

Home Storage
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