CNEnergy was founded in September 2016 and is located on the 1&4 floor of Building 3, Caohejing (Zhongshan) Science and Technology Park, No. 68, Zhongchuang Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai. The core personnel of the R&D team have more than ten years of industry experience and rich experience in BMS design and application.

The company is mainly engaged in BMS research and development, production and sales of new energy power lithium batteries and energy storage batteries. The products involve communication base station backup power, home energy storage, smart lithium batteries, AGV, electric forklifts, super capacitors and many other types. It provides safe and stable BMS systems in batches for many customers at home and abroad and is widely praised.

The company is also expanding its products in the field of Internet of Things, relying on the BMS product platform, integrating 5G, wireless, cloud-network integration, AI algorithms and other technologies to meet the diverse needs of industry customers!

The company actively develops external technical cooperation, conducts customized development and forward-looking technical research for battery-specific scenarios with partners, and outputs various research results together.

2016 year
CNEnergy was founded in September 2016
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New energy technology is of great significance to mankind, enabling mankind
to get rid of the oil yoke and make revolutionary changes in lifestyle and production methods.
New energy technology has two important directions, the revolutionof energy sources and energy use Style revolution.
New energy batteries will be more widely used in various fields of human life and production in the future, higher requirements are put forward for the management of new energy batteries.
CNEnergy Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to the research, development and application of new energy battery management system (BMS). Our mission is to change the way humans use energy!

Core Idea
Achieve customers with innovation and make life full of positive energy
Based on Chinese culture, tolerant of global culture, build a world-class innovative technology company, make outstanding contributions to the new energy cause of mankind, provide a platform for employees to seek spiritual and material well-being!
Cultivation of oneself, talent, struggle and innovation
Current limit mode

The MOS tube synchronous rectification technology is adopted for the current limiting of multiple battery packs with parallel current greater than 50A, which effectively reduces heat generation, improves efficiency, and reduces area.

Positive topology

The positive electrode topology is adopted to effectively reduce shallow charge and shallow discharge, and prolong battery life; the negative electrode of the circuit has a common ground, which reduces the interference caused by EMC and MOSFET turn-on and turn-off.

Cell compensation

In the scenario of battery series and parallel connection and high current, through cell compensation, the mis-opening of the balance caused by the internal resistance pressure difference of the busbar is reduced, and the capacity deviation is reduced. Cell voltage/capacity monitoring is more accurate, effectively extending battery life.

Consumption management

Soft switch: The battery can be set to automatically shut down in standby mode to reduce unnecessary loss; to avoid continuous power consumption caused by forgetting to turn off the lock switch. 


Zero power consumption: cut off the positive power supply load of the battery after shutdown, and the power consumption of the BMS board is as low as 1 microampere.


Hardware secondary protection: cut off the battery load, reduce power consumption, and avoid battery failure caused by battery undervoltage.


Work with partners to conduct customized development and forward-looking technology research for battery-specific scenarios, and output various research results together